The Bear Quartet - Personality Crisis

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One of Sweden's most critically acclaimed and innovative band, The Bear Quartet
Was formed in the town of Lulea in 1989. The original members were Matti Alkberg (guitar and vocals), Jari Haapalainen (guitar), Peter Nuottaniemi (bass), Johan Forsling (guitar) and Magnus Olsson (drums). Madly brilliant demo tapes was passed on from music lover
to music lover and played loud on cheap cassette decks, and the band was hyped by various music critics even before they had recorded as much as a single.

They were not signed until the spring of 1992. It was A West Side Fabrication who realized The Bear Quartet's amazing potential. The first album, Penny Century was released in the fall. Then drummer Magnus quit (why is it always the drummer?) and Urban Nordh became the guy beating the
The Bear Quartet's creativity seems endlessly flowing and they
recorded two beautiful albums, Cosy Den and Family Affair and the EP Revisted before they took an involuntary break in the spring of 1995 when Jari and Urban moved to Stockholm, and Johan left the band. Later that year the fourth album; Everybody Else is released as well as two EPs It Only Takes A Flashlight To Create A Monster and Flux Detail. The Bear Quartet's creativity was far from exhausted and they started working on the next album, Holy, Holy. It's not until now that the band consciously slows down. They manage to stay away from the rehearsal space for two months. When they go back in they work differently; without a goal and without a deadline.

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Track Listing

1. Mom and Dad
2. Lights Out Sound Off
3. Placard
4. I Remember Nights Wide Open
5. Punks
6. Volksblues
7. Damn You, All of You
8. P. R. Guy
9. The End of the Tunnel Is Lightyears Away
10. Leaning Against a Parked Car
11. Human Enough
12. Same Old C/o