Dark Eyes- from Alien
Imported from Italy by Listening Post Music

Listening Post is pleased to announce the importing of of the freshly reunited Swedish band ALIEN for the release of their brand new album entitled “Dark Eyes”.

Comprising 11 tracks touching on the great themes of Rock and Roll: love, loss, hope and despair, “Dark Eyes” revisits the classic Alien sound and adds over a decade more of writing and performing experience.
The album will fulfil the dreams of lovers of Scandi-melodic rock and the classic hard rock sound.

"I am really excited about the new album” adds Jim Jidhed, lead vocalist. “Both for working with Tony Borg, lead guitarist, again, which is an absolute joy ride, but also for the fact that we are playing a more traditional style Rock 'n Roll with touches of a classic Alien sound of the new millenium. And I do like that."

"It is a pure pleasure to be working together with Jim again” explains Tony. “Everyone has always told us that there is this special chemistry between us and they are right. We are working fantastically well
together. Also Bernie (bass), Mats (keyboards) and Jan (drums) are all incredible musicians and have all the qualities an Alien band member
should have”.

“Our new CD sounds very close to what Alien sounded when it all started” concludes Borg, “We've gone back to our roots and what inspired us to become musicians when we wrote the songs for Dark Eyes”. Some of the songs to be included on “Dark Eyes” include “Oh Sarah”,
“Riding With The Wind”, “Sherylee”, “Wild One”.

Alien - Dark eyes - Imported from Italy by Listening Post music. www.listening-post.com

Price - $17.00


1. Dark Eyes
2. Don'tGo Away
3. Oh Sarah
4. Fallen Eagle
5. Lethal Woman
6. Wild One
7. Don't fight It
8. Riding With The Wind
9. Are You Ready
10. Fire (The Game)
11. Sherylee