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Freeze Time has released three singles in the first fivemonths of 2021 to start off the year right. check out You've Got to Be Thankful (January 19), It's Way Too Easy (February 8), I Never Thought I'd be 65 (March 15) and In The News (What did George Harrison say?) on May 7. All are available on all digital channels!

New Band just signed to Listening-Post Music - Miraj - their new album is Highway 39 - available on all digital platforms, inlcuding Amazon -

Just released - October 10 - Our Connection - from Freeze Time - available on all digital platforms.

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New single from Freeze Time released in September- Forgotten Jewels. this single is available on all digital platforms including:

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April was a BIG month for Listening Post Music as it saw the release of the full length album by Groove Merchants - their third - called The Throne and the seventh album from Freeze Time - called Makeshift.

January 4, 2020 - Freeze Time starts the New Year right with two new singles - Investment - a tongue in cheek look at the political proess in the US while their secnd single, Boom Boom Hey Hey I'm Exploding explores more of a dance direction for the band. Both singles are avaiable on all digital platforms.

October 1, 2019 - Brand new music from The Groove Merchants - just released - The Throne - Wave One - featuring four songs from their forth-coming full length CD - check it out here.The Groove Merchants infuse their blend of Blues, Funk, and Soul with a contemporary vibe on their new album. The Throne: Wave One is a first glimpse at the band’s latest effort that pushes its authentic, high-energy vibe even further.

March 12, 2019 - Listening Post Music is elated to announce the signing of Jay Bird and Haley Bee and their first EP, Take Flight.I saw this duo as part of the International Pop Overthrow festival in Wayne, Pa and was impressed with their performance then. This EP has confirmed that impression. Jay and Haley are a melodic tour de force - incredible melodies with understated music that actually enhances their wonderful vocals versus overpowering them. Definitely worth it to check them out.

November 19, 2018 - new Freeze Time single - The Fine Print - a fun look at the small font Terms and conditions we are "asked" to sign as a condition for ser vices offered today. available on all digital platforms. If you've ever had trouble with a company, you'll want to own this song! top of cdbaby's charts first week of December!

May 4, 201 8 - New Freeze Time Album out now! It's called Cheers, Mate and was mostly recorded in Chiswick, London, England with the help of two of Bud's old Scissor Fits Mates - Simon Ives and Vic Watson as well ss multi-instrumentalist Keith Drago. Check it out now!

Top of the charts! Freeze Time's just released single - Hey Alexa, Haven't We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos, is number one on the quirky song chart at as of February1, 2018! Also available from itunes, Apple Music, Spotify and yes, even Amazon!

Lana Avacada has just released its first new music in almost EIGHT years! entitled simply Lana Avacada, the music is available in digital form only from, apple music, itunes and spotify.

Newest signing to Listening-Post music is the band - the Groove Merchants- the second album from The Groove Merchants - Take It is a high-energy blues/rock/funk record fueled by exciting vocals, colorful horn melodies, and guitar driven improvisation accompanied by a ferocious rhythm section.

New Freeze Time single - Is This The Best We Can Do - just released. What can we say that hasn't been said about the 2016 election that hasn't been said by the two leading candidates? Well, Freeze Time has attempted to combine all the bluster with some good old fashioned rock and roll. this is their take on the election - with help from The Donald and Princess Hillary.....some lyrics if you please...

Can you believe it
We’re down to these two
And all of us wonder
Is this the best we can do?

Is it illusion?
Cause it can’t be true
Is this a nightmare
Is this the best we can do?

Only available digitally from all digital retailers OR if you buy ANY Listening Post cd through the end of September from Listening Post you can get a hard copy! Limited supply!

Check it out on itunes, amazon, spotify and others


Ashay Grover makes his debut with the Changing Tides. . The EP reflects on a coming of age period in Ashay’s life, as the EP provides listeners with very significant changes in mood. Primarily comprised of acoustic songs, Ashay’s goal in creating this project was to identify the depth that can be provided in simplicity.

Fourth Cd from Freeze Time - Ocean.To.Ocean- just released. featuring 24 songs - both new and old including Insane for Love by Elliott and Keith Drago. plenty of bonus material too! continuing with their eccentric ways, Ocean.To.Ocean not only offers a range of styles but also includes a song sung in Mandarin!

Just in from The Confusions -The ninth full-length album from The Confusions and perhaps their best. The light, carefree guitar pop, reminiscent of timelessness, straight lines for both the 80s and 90s. Anyone can be safe in the knowing that a new friend every time you hear it. The man who always has something to talk about with. Here are the immediate popknockarna which has always been the group's strength. "Oh God I Think I'm In Love", It's So Quiet, It's So Cold "," Stuck In The Middle "," Pavement "and" Yes & No ", the latter makes Michael a gorgeous duet Isabel Neib.Cooperation with producer Johan Sigerud has also brought new influences, with a powerful sound and stylish arrangement of "This Is War", "Mother" and the nearly 12 minute long "Music" where Mikael Andersson-Knut balls his voice against Frida Madelaine (Red Mecca) .That's the big picture that feels as though it's The Confusions' Sgt. Pepper. Check out their just released video for Pavement -

Brand new from Eyewitness comes Cope to Coast - as their lead singer Jared Banares describes it - No matter whether you grow up in the sun of California or snow of Pennsylvania, it seems like everybody hates their hometown. Eyewitness is four friends from around the country playing pop punk that's both musically fresh and lyrically relatable. They blend high vocals with even higher harmonies on top of expressive guitars and bass, all supported by blisteringly technical drums. With a sound that combines the best of Brand New, The Starting Line, and The Wonder Years, Eyewitness is bringing something new to the alternative rock table. Get out of your hometown. Get lost in the sound. The CD features Keith Drago on drums from Lana Avacada and Clare Hunter (bass, harmony vocals), Taylor Hollingsworth (lead guitar) and Jared Banares (lead vocals).

New Freeze Time CD - Room Temp - just released; Keith Drago - engineer, drummer, bass player and guitarist is featured on the CD. Keith has recently moved to LA to play music!

Cofield Mundi's new CD - The Big Question - is now available digitally as well as from Cofield has also recently moved to LA where she is writing songs for her new album.

The Confusions continue work on their new cd but in the meantime you can enjoy Trampoline, 5am and the Story behind the Story.

Keith Drago, drummer for Lana Avacada and guitarist/bassist and drummer for Freeze Time is featured in a new video from Dave Days entitled We're Just Kids - check it out -

Freeze Time's second CD, Standstill, has just been released!. This CD expands the musical horizons first explored on their 2010 release, Moment to Moment. Standstill is a unique blend of musical styles brought together by father Bud and sons Keith and Elliott. Incorporating melodic pop from the 60's with hard edge rock from the 2000's, the CD features 20 self penned songs from the cynical commentary on today's dating scene, Equal That, Equal This to social commentary A Better Man than Me, to hesitation about admitting to being in love , We've Been So Careful, to outright Love Songs, When Is It Not Too Early To Say I Love You. Rock to songs celebrating that life is what's ahead, not what's behind, The Road is Still Long, as well as optimism that tomorrow promises change can come, Leaves Are Changing Colors or the inner journeys of the mind, Ain't Moving From My Window.

Farrah's newest CD - self titled Farrah is out now!From tales of office romances in faded seaside towns (“Scarborough”) to the aching simplicity of “DNA” (perhaps the first love song about the human genome?) to uplifting pop anthems (“Swings And Roundabouts” and “Stereotypes”), “Farrah” is a feast for the mind and ears, effortlessly mixing genres and styles. “When you're making music on your own terms and not necessarily trying to appeal to a particular market, you can be as diverse as you like,” says Andrew. Jez adds, “And you can get away with murder if you have a gorgeous melody. We love hiding a dark lyric under a whistle-able tune.”

Freeze Time - Moment to Moment - New from Listening Post Music - The first CD from Bud, Elliott and Keith Drago - they have been making music for years but this is the first time they have been "captured" on CD. Recorded & Engineered by Keith and mastered by Glenn Ferracone, this CD combines a range of styles from melodic rock, neo punk and even a touch or two of grunge reuslting in a sound that is different, yet familiar.

Lana Avacada has been signed to Listening Post. Its first CD, The Warehouse, will be released on October 20, 2009. Lana Avacada can best be described as a blend of rock, progressive, neo punk and new wave. The five musicians who make up Lana Avacada - Tom Anthony(guitar, piano, vocals), James Brandolini (Bass), Keith Drago(Drums), Bryan Thompson (guitar), and Michael Tonkinson(vocals) have played together for a number of years. Their influences are vast including such bands as Minus The Bear, This Town Needs Guns, Maps and Atlases, to name a few and are what contributes to the unique sound of Lana Avacada. Also available from itunes and other digital music services. The Warehouse Cd is being played on
WCUR (West Chester, PA - 91.7 FM - 610 436 2478 -request line -,WXVU (Villanova, PA - 89.1 FM- 610-519-7201 and 610-519-7202.- request line -, WKDU (Philadelphia, PA - 91.7 - 215 - 805 -5917 -, WVUD (Newark, Delaware -91.3 FM - (302) 831-2701 - request line- Please call or IM and help support Lana Avacada.

The Warehouse CD has 14 songs. Thirteen of these are original and also included is a cover of the Black Eyed Peas hit Boom Boom Pow done in a style that can only be described as Lana Avacada. Added at the last minute to the CD, the band was taking a break from doing originals when Tom started playing the riff from the song and Keith, Mike, Bryan, and James joined in.

The Big Question, the second CD, from South Africa's Cofield Mundi has just been released in the US via Lisening Post Music. The CD has recevied great reviews in South Africa's music papers and it showcases Cofiield's maturing as a songwriter, performer and arranger.

The Confusions new CD is now out! Titled The Story Behind the Story this CD is a culmination of the cd's that went before it. Some of it somber, some of it fast paced pop, some pure fun, some introspective but all classic. Check it out!

Listening Post is pleased to announce that the long awaited NEW Drowners CD is now out and its called Cease To Be.The US version includes a special video for Vengeance and Bad Blood. Also available from itunes and other digital musica services.

Popium is now part of the Listening Post stable of artists. Listening Post has just released the new Popium CD, the Miniature Mile, in the US with two bonus videos and a bonus track.

Listening Post is now distributing B & B Records releases. B & B is located in Sweden and has a wide variety of artists. Check out new releases by clicking on Search.

Egging Records and 1977 Records of Japan is now distributing its CD's through Listening-Post Music in the US. Check out their new releases by clicking on Search.

Sugar Shack Records of the UK is now distributing its CD's through Listening-Post music. A full listing of their CD's can be found by clicking on Search. We have their releases in stock and available for $13.00.

Morphine Lane Records of Sweden has recently signed an exclusive licensing deal with Listening-Post Music under which The Drowners' newest CD, Muted To A Whisper, is now available exclusively in the US and Canada through Listening-Post Music. This special enhanced version of the CD, features videos for Lupinne and Best of Beginnings.

Brothers Undercover is the debut CD from brothers Laird and Sean Townsend. Joined by vocalist Chris Bruni, they create melodic rock with jazz undertones. Exuqusitiely played, their music echoes of Jackson Browne with traces of Bruce Hornsby and the Range. Take a listen now!

Dan Spollen has recently made his solo CD's available through Listening-Post Music's website. Dan explores a host of musical themes on his Walking in A Figure 8 and Moment To Moment CD's. Walking in a Figure 8 is a series of melodic pieces that allow the listener to pass through many moods while Moment To Moment is comprised of two long pieces which ebb and flow as the music builds to a powerful crescendo.

Take a listen to Magnetic from Courtney Biondo. Its a new disc from a new artist who has a lot to a number of different ways. Featuring a variety of instruments you don't often find on pop dsics, such as cello, violin, flute and tenor saw to add dimension to some great sounding songs. Click on over!

Johnnie Lee's new CD, Tiny Rainbow is now available on the Listening-Post site. Johnnie's music covers a wide spectrum of music. Each song is a musical journey and her cd covers lot of music terrain. All sung with a magnificent voice. We invite you to take a listen.

Power rock is back with the release of Real Life Drama from Rackjaw. Hard hitting songs are delivered with gusto with production that is second to none. Whether it be ballads or straight ahead driving hard rock, this CD has something to offer for everyone who wants to listen to new classic rock.

Listening Post is pleased to announce the addition of Woody-Boy Johnson to its website. Woody-Boy Johnson grew up in a small frontier town in New Jersey during the lawless 1950's. His youthful obsession with Gabby Hayes led him to his first existential questions:

Why are there no cowboys in the Northeast?

And, if we cannnot be cowboys, how can can we write cowboy songs?

No matter, Woody-Boy has managed to write cowboy songs that would make any camp fire fun! Take a listen.