Unruly Child - UC III

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UNRULY CHILD was formed in the early 90's by guitarist Bruce Gowdy (Stone Fury, World Trade, Glenn Hughes), keyboardist Guy Allison (Lodgic, World Trade, Moody Blues, Air Supply) and singer Mark Free (Signal, King Kobra).

They worked out some impressive demos and this material generated a huge interest from several major labels. Shortly thereafter the band was signed to Interscope with drummer Jay Schellen (Hurricane) and bassist Larry Antonino (Air Supply) joining the band, although bassist Ricky Phillips (Babies, Bad English), recorded on all the album and demo tracks. The self-titled debut album was released in 1992 and produced by Beau Hill, receiving amazing responses from the world's leading hard rock press, media and magazines. Still today it is regarded by many as one of the finest hard rock releases of the 90's.

Luck was however not on UNRULY CHILD's side as, at the same time of the album release, Interscope went through internal problems. The people responsible for bringing the band to the label were fired and the band was dropped. The guys however decided to continue but were facing problems with the change of music climate, as the labels were only interested in finding the next big thing from Seattle.

After some internal disagreements with management the band was about to go through yet another change with the loss of founding member Guy Allison. So Unruly Child, on Beau's suggestion, decided to transform into a little heavier and darker direction, changing the name to TWELVE POUND SLEDGE. As always they came up with outstanding material and started to draw attention from the majors again until the next bomb hit all. Due to personal reasons the band parted ways with singer Mark Free (later to become Marcie Free but that's another story).

About a year later Bruce and Guy got back into doing what they loved the most, what actually started the thing rolling in the first place, "writing and recording". They created some more material and even asked Mark (Marcie at that time) to come and sing on it. It sounded great but they knew that they couldn't put the band back together the same way.

So after some years with the various band members dealing and working with many other projects, bands and sessions, Hurricane singer Kelly Hansen was asked if he would be interested in join the reborn UNRULY CHILD. "Waiting For The Sun" was the title for the bands long awaited second studio album which proved that Unruly Child are still in the very forefront of today's melodic rock scene.

Witness of that is the band's brand new album "UCIII" featuring the debut of new lead vocalist Philip Bardowell (ex Magdalen), an exceptionally talented singer often compared to the likes of masters like Lou Gramm or Mark Free. Long time members Bruce Gowdy (guitars) and Guy Allison (keyboards) complete the line-up for the new incarnation of this amazing band! "This is basically where we left off in the early days, doing what we love", says Guy. UNRULY CHILD is back and this time they plan to stick around with more albums to follow.


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1. Tear me Down
2. Falling
3. All Around Me
4. Bring Me Home
5. Sleeping Town
6. You See Three
7. Kings of Tragedy
8. Vertigo
9. Shades of Love
10. Unruly Child
11. Something

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