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1977 was a turbulent year for the music industry. Kiss and Led Zeppelin celebrated great triumphs concurrent as Elvis died, but most of all 1977 was the year when the core of TRUCKER was born.

Each member of TRUCKER was raised in the Swedish town of Skellefteå, and at an early age began creating various noises. As the years passed and the guys grew, their noises were shaped and moulded into the heart of TRUCKER'S music today.

Founded by Niclas Lundmark & Nicklas Bohman in 1996 and later met up with Peter Sundqvist in 1998 to form the nucleus. A new demo was immediately recorded. From that a publishing deal with A West-side Fabrication came about in late 1999, and during winter 2000 the EP "Step Aside" followed by the single "Kickbox Lady" was released. The same year a massive national tour was carried out.

Swedish national radio P3 paid great attention to the band, which resulted in a high air rotation. P3's counter part in Finland also air played TRUCKER with great success. The track "As I Am" from the EP, was voted to the "Hit of the Month" in March the same year.

2000 brought an other exciting dimension to the band. Mikael Forsgren join the band and the sound was sealed. Strength, passion and kick ass rock now formed the foundation. New songs were made, and two demo tapes later the recording began of their fantastic debut album "Flat Out".

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1. We Are (Intro)
2. Dance
3. Stay
4. I Feel So Sick
5. Murder
6. Ashamed
7. Fragrance
8. Stick Around
9. King Kong
10. Illusion
11. You Want It All
12. Stronger