Swedish Punk-Vol 2

Imported from Sweden

This is a compilation of early punk and new wave from Sweden that places emphasis on the punk rock and new wave bands found in the smaller towns in Sweden - where punk really made a difference.

This Volume 2 compilation puts together numerous tracks from many bands that up until now were only avaiaalable as expensive collectors' items on vinyl singles.Take a listen to this and Volume 1.

Price- $17.00


Tracks & Artists

1. Asta Kask- Ringhals Brinner (Ringhals Burning)
3. BAD BOO BAND - Knulla i Bangkok
4. N-LINERS - Återfall i farten(Relapse in Speed)
5. THE SAME - Kuken i styret(The Cock in the Handlebar)
6. TST - Väktarnas värld(The Security Guards World)
7. Unter Den Linden/ATT SOM-Film Noire
8. KRIMINELLA GITARRER - Silvias unge(Sylvia's Kid)
9. SARAH COFFMANN - Fri energi(Free Energy)
10. ETIQUETTE MONA - Amsterdam
11. EPIDEMI - Häftig brud (Cool Chick)
12. RASTA HUNDEN - Mina Polare(My Mates)
13. TT-REUTER - Hör inte till (Don't Belong)
14. BLITZEN - Dömd(Judged)
15. BUGS - Uniformerade män (Men in Uniform)
16. CYKLON B - En grogg till(One More Drink)
17. SVETTENS SÖNER - Fahlmans fik(Fahlmans Cafe)
18. Vacum-Maskerad (Masked)
19. Onbirds-Pompeji
20. DIESTINCT - Ett gevär i min hand.(A Gun In My Hand)