Swedish Punk-Vol 1

Imported from Sweden

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This is a compilation of early punk and new wave from Sweden that places emphasis on the punk rock and new wave bands found in the smaller towns in Sweden - where punk really made a difference.

This Volume 1 compilation puts together numerous tracks from many bands that up until now were only avaiaalable as expensive collectors' items on vinyl singles.Take a listen to this and Volume 2.

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Tracks & Artists

1. P-nisissarna - Benzin(Petrol)
2. Problem-Kroppsvisit(Bodysearch)
3. Urban Slake - Sa Javla Svensk
4. Missbrukarna-Du a inte du - You are not you
5. Noise-Tror du (Do You think?)
6. Brulbajz-EAP
7. Pizzoard-Guds barn (the children of God)
8. Dagens Ungdom-Envilla i utkanten av New York (A house on the out
9. Rune Strutz-En bracka fran Gottsunda(a twit from Gott)
10. Lolita Pop-Guld har (Gold here?)
11. PF Commando - Raggare (Greasers)
12. Mizz Nobody - Smittad (Infected)
13. Besokanrna-Annna Greta Leijons ogon (The eyes of AGL)
14. IQ 55 - Ensamma pojkar (Lonely Boys)
15. Distortion-En tjej (A girl)
16. S--t Kids - Kottmarkinad (Meat market)
17. Branda Barn - Andra behov (Other needs)
18. Svart 0 Jag ar inte din syster (I'm not your sister)
19. Fiendens Musik-En spark ratt i skallen (A kick in the head)
20. Mackt-En kristen larare (A Christian Teacher)
21. Massmedia-Das Jazz (Stinking Jazz)