STONEPARK: Tracks - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Stonepark has been sweating out music since early 2001.
The band has actually been around longer than that, there once was a keyboard player and another guitarrist.
But after carefully peeling away the excess skin, the true, naked core of STONEPARK saw the light of day in jan-01...
The same goes for the song-writing, if it doesn't make the song better, it has to go...

Our influences range from 60-70's rock to 90's hardcore, Zeppelin, The Clash, Costello, The Who, Supergrass, Weezer...

The tricky bit, Who/what do we sound like? Since you probably don't buy the obvious, "we don't like to be pigeon-holed,
we sound like Stonepark" crap We'll try to give you a straightforward answer... Somewhere between The Who/the beatles and Foo fighters Ryan Adams
But in all honesty, we'd like to think that our sound is more of a combination of Magnus, Bob, Aleco & Henrik rather than our different musical backgrounds... No-one has to give an inch or compromise when it comes to the songwriting progress. Instead, everyone brings thier own flavour to the Stonepark stew...

Why Stonepark?

Through the years we've managed to gain a loyal fanbase largely thanx to our live gigs. The intensity from our shows has yet to be made justice on record (although we've come pretty close!) but with the right producer, who knows...
Our aim has always, intentional or unintentional, been to write songs that appeal to the average guy (and us), not fancy rock-critics. We sincerely love to perform, entertain and move people with our music. No big egos, just 4 guys loving what we do...

Stonepark writes real songs for real people with real lives.

If you're looking for a larger-than-life, big ego, avant garde type band... keep looking....
If you want a hardworking, blue-collar, in-yer-face punk-ethic rock 'n roll band...

The rockers of Stockholm, who have had the privilege of witnessing Stonepark on stage earlier in 2006, get an early Christmas this year.

Stonepark’s debut album “Tracks” that you’re holding in your hand, or maybe even listening to this very moment, is one of these album that once you press the play button you listen with ease as the vocals lines and riffs win there way into your memory banks.

After three years of fine-tuning their sound, changing their lineup and heard work. The remaining and current band members Aleco (vocals), Magnus (drums), Bob (guitar) and Henrik (bass) presented their dream in 2001.
& Stonepark was born.

The easiest way to get a picture of the sound is to listen to the album and make your own opinion. But if you were going to try and describe the sound of Stonepark to your friends, without a stereo, he/she probably wouldn’t be satisfied with “they sound like Stonepark”.

We can therefore reveal that the influences of this band from Stockholm, Sweden, reach from The Beatles to Foo Fighters.

Stonepark displays catchy rock tunes with an attitude that works very well with the live format as well as on a CD. Which has data input that you can see once you pop it into you PC.

In 2002 Stonepark won the Swedish final of the Emergenza Music Festival, the largest European concert organizer for unsigned bands, which qualified Stonepark for the final held in Germany.

There, Stonepark won the prestigious “Best Original Song”-award!

Then the writing for the self-titled EP commenced, and saw the light of day in 2004. Rumours of the good music reached the rock radio station from around Sweden, and invites to the band for live studio performances gave the stations listeners a pleasant awakening.

In the beginning of 2005 Stonepark participated, together with parts of the Swedish elite of hard rock, in the recording of the music video “Where is the fire”. This was a contribution with Red Cross; a compilation-CD for the Tsunami victims in Southeast Asia was also produced.

In March 2005 Stonepark signed a record deal with B & B Records and spent the rest of the year writing new songs. Kjell Nästén (This Perfect Day, Sahara Hotnights, Wannadies, The Bear Quartet and Black Bonzo, to name a few) was chosen to Mix & Master while the artist producer brains behind this product comes from within Stonepark them selves, Magnus Frid laid the foundation for their debut album “Tracks”.

Welcome to the family!


STONEPARK: Tracks - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Price- $17.00


1 When You're Gone
2 Live Out Loud
3 Why (do you choose to be alone)
4 Planet I
5 Stupid People
6 Follow Me
7 Different Point of View
8 No One
9 A Part of the World
10 Carpe Diem
11 Coming With The Colors
12 Lies
13 S. O. S (Same Old Story)