Souls - Gold Dust

Out in the South West of England something is happening again, people are waking from their post trip hop bud induced stupors and flexing muscle.....

GOLD DUST is the first offering from SOULS, Bath based purveyors of fuck fuelled rock n roll.

Formed in early 2005, Dean, Ben, Jamie and J.H. Cut their teeth quickly and were soon pulled onto local supports for bands such as Six by Seven and X Is Loaded.

Live shows are an intense affair and quotes orbit around the like of “classically arrogant” and “men in a field of boys”.

GOLD DUST is the first offering from SOULS and is a clear indicator of the bands intent, somewhere between Killing Joke and Cave In, SOULS are relentless in their 21st Century Punk in yer gob approach, hard shit kicking rock; no Nu Metal or EMO here, just good solid gut punching rock with a sneer.

Gold Dust capitalizes on SOULS raw guitars and gutted vocal trademark and nods toward the bands strength in bringing what was once for the privileged to the masses.

Price- $17.00


1. White Noise
2. Desecrate
3. Awakened
4. Seraph
5. Undone
6. Gold Dust
7. Masquerade
8. The Comedown
9. Idle Dream
10. The Beast