SONIC ORDER OF HAPPINESS: Foreversucker - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

The story about Sonic Order of Happiness is a tale that goes back quite a while… The beginning starts in the year of 1999 when five guys in Växjö started the indie-band Stalker. This band was mainly influated by brittish bands such as The Cure and Suede. One of the members was Niklas Johansson.
At the same time Niklas was also engaged in a student theater thing in Växjö. There he met Mikael. The two of them had a lot of common interests and shared the same taste in music. They became friend, not close friends but friends.

A couple of years went and Stalker struggled on. Managed to play all around the south of Sweden. From Uppsala in the north to Lund in the south. A few offers from major labels and broken promises first the drummer left and then in a short while the bass player. The singer of the shattered band found Marcus Nordahl, a new drummer, through common friends.

As by a it was meant to be Mikael Bruér and Niklas ran into each other just a cuople of days after Stalkers bass player left the band. At this time Mikael was trying to get himself a band to play in.

The three lads that sooner would become Sonic Order of Happiness now played together. As the indie-era became more and more dead the gigs got fewer and the the record labels got more and more distant. So, in august 2004 Niklas left Stalker and the band was now dead.

The boys went their separate ways for a brief time. In late november 2004 Niklas called Mikael about some ideas he had. A few “living room recordings” happened and soon they called Marcus since a drummer was needed. In january 2005 the three of them came together in a rehearsing room and Sonic Order of Happiness was born.

After five rehearsals Sonic Order of Happiness went to Norrköping and recorded a demo. The demo was sent to a lot of swedish record labels. Nothing happened until January 2006 when B&B records got in touch.

In Febuary 2006 the band started the recording of their debut album and Oscar Svensson joined the band as another guitarist. Over the course of the next several months it was completed and mixed. Released in the US in January 2007. The circle is now closed and everything beyond this point is a matter for the future.

SONIC ORDER OF HAPPINESS: Foreversucker - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

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1 Hollow
2 Need Me
3 On My Mind
4 Virginia
5 Kerosene Sky
6 Monterey
7 I'm a Chronic Returner
8 Put Your Lonely Hand In Mind
9 Poor Distorted Me
10 The Sting
11 Pin Me Down
12 October 2003