RTZ & Delp & Goudreau
Imported from Italy by Listening-Post.com

Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau met back in high school when Barry went to an audition for a band in which Brad was the singer. Although Barry didn't get the gig, Brad's cover of Led Zeppelin's “Communication Breakdown” impressed him enough to later introduce him to Boston leader Tom Scholz. Boston's debut album was released in 1976 and went on to sell 16 million copies and helped to define the classic guitar based rock of the 1970's. Delp and Goudreau being two of the band's original members have managed to sustain a working relationship through the years with such projects as the Barry Goudreau solo up to Orion and The Hunter, RTZ and the latest collaboration, Delp and Goudreau.

“Lost and found” is another step of the collaboration from Brad and Barry and is made up of never before released tracks that were recorded before the first RTZ CD. These cuts feature RTZ members David Stefanelli, Brian Maes and Tim Archibald. The songs were recorded in Barry's home studio and show the development that lead to the first RTZ release. The tracks were recorded on various formats and although some of the recordings reflect the sounds of that time, it includes great melodies and performances that are a “must have” for Boston collectors.

As a special bonus, Listening Post is pleased to be importing this DOUBLE CD from Frontiers Records in Italy. The Brad Delp and & Goudreau CD, recorded in Goudreau's home studio, features all new tracks written by Delp and Goudreau with the intent of “making music for the pleasure of making music”. Fans have insisted on hearing more rock music from these two 1970's icons that are known to produce their own projects without the sugar coating of over produced studio enhancements. The Delp and Goudreau CD features exactly this: pure delight for the melodic rock ears!!!


Price - $19.00

Track Listing
· One Step Away
· Fool For Love
· Such A Feel
· Rise Above It All
· Social Disease
· I'm On A Roll
· Rock The Night
· Winners And Losers
· Better & Better
· Power of Love
· Show Me

CD2: Delp & Goudreau
·What You Leave behind
· Hands Of Time
· Let It Roll
·Out of My Hands
· Keep On Runnin'
· I Need Your Love
· The Rhythm Won't Stop
· Reconciliation
· My One True Love