Their new album 'Permanently High' is another nominee in the 'Classic Pop Album' genre. It was recorded in only 17 days, "because we were so full of energy" Frank explains. The album is full of love songs and the album title also gives a reference to this. "I'm in love, and felt the urge to express this in the new songs. It also adds a lot of positive energy…". The first single from the album, 'Silver Lining', Frank describes as his closest attempt to writing the perfect pop song. The album widens broader than it's predecessor with both ballads and high energy pop songs and Popium also pay tribute to their old glam heroes Kiss in the cool and sexy version of 'Deuce'.

Imported from Japan

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1. silver lining
2. beautiful thing
3. maybe tomorrow
4. permanently high
5. perfectly numb
6. love in store
7. stars
8. gone
9. check it out
10. deuce
11. sunshine all over
12. glitter
13. such a sucker
14. the soul of my suite
15. permanently high (remix)