Pekka Volt - Whipped Cream and Gasoline

Imported from Norway

The two core members of Norwegian band Pekka Volt, Tom Volt (Vocals, Bass) and Kim Volt (guitar, production) - have been playing together for 10 years in punk, stoner, prog and God knows what kind of bands. This upbringing however helped form the backbone of what has become today's intricate and very addictive psychopop that is Pekka Volt.

The rest of the band consists of Olafr on drums, Mikro on guitar and Snorre Valen on keyboards. Tom writes the riffs and Kim dreams up arrangements, the songs literally take form in his REM states of deep sleep, which has always been their method of writing material. Kim even came up with the band's name from a dream he once had (or was it a nightmare). Even Lennon and McCartney on LSD couldn't match this style.

Pekka Volt came to light in the spring of 2001. A self-produced demo found its way to Swedish record label MNW Records in Stockholm, who signed the band immediately.

One year later the EP "Corky went Overboard" was released to tremendous reviews in the press (5 out of 6 in the major press, tons of radio playlistings). Three of the EP's four songs were used in commercial film, feature film and Playstation/computer games.

Soon after, Pekka Volt entered a period of uncertainty with various band members quitting and re-joining. It was at this time that current guitarist Mikro joined the band, after he maniacally head-dived into Olafr's drumset during a concert in the spring of 2003 with another established Norwegian band, Cadillac. This act, though painful for himself and devasting for Olafr's trashed drums, so impressed the band that the guitarist had to join. Fact is, he also plays one hell of a guitar.

In 2003 the Swedish label MNW decided to close down their Norwegian offices, thereby leaving Pekka Volt in a no mans land for a brief period before they singed with the newly-established Kong Tiki Records in Oslo, in January of 2004. Pekka Volt immediately went into Silence Studios in Sweden (Bob Hund, Hellacopters), to record their debut album.

The result has become a monster of a record titled "Whipped Cream and Gasoline", and has been released in Norway September 13, distributed by Playground Music Scandinavia and in the USA by Listening-Post Music.

Since their showcase at Norway's By:Larm in 2003 there has been a steady stream of interest for Pekka Volt from abroad: this year they will perform at the 2004 "In the City" in England in September.

Price- $17.00

1. Disco King
2. Jabber
3. Day 9
4. Kill Us
5. Eurofighter
6. Whipped Cream and Gasoline
7. Hooker and The Queen
8. Welcome Home
9. 1920
10. Lost and Found
11. Big Rabbit Show
12. Pekkavoltmeter
13. Corky Went Overboard

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