Ollie Nyman
Behind the Clouds

Olle Nyman was born the 8th of July 1982; on the very day 60 years after that Louis Armstrong left New Orleans in favor of Chicago. What this really has to do with his future career nobody really knows. Maybe it has a connection, maybe it hasn't. Probably not, but…what the hell. As a son to the Norrbottnian legend in theatres; Harry Nyman and the voice master; Stina Andersson, Olle had his road pretty much laid out anyhow.
After his teenage years as a member of numerous hardcore bands in his hometown of Luleå, he began playing with his older brother Kalle and a number of local gangsters and started up a band. Playing with is only in a musical sense, by the way. Together they wrote the song "It's Alright". Then they were busted.
The sound geek and notorious displacer of personal belongings, Stefan Sundström got to act as sound engineer in the small studio behind the café and handicraft shop for 18 months. The band just spit out a bunch of songs as if they where sweat droplets. Stefan kept recording.
During springtime 2005 Olle and his pack got a contact with the legends Ollie Olson (Christian Waltz, Komeda, Snoop Dogg…) and Henrik Edenhed (Ceasars, Robyn). The two of them fought through snow and ice to get from Stockholm up to Luleå and Svartöstaden to record the lovely tones on a tape (or actually a hard drive, if we are to be honest). 12 songs got recorded in the old Blackis building , and they are now what makes up their debut album "Behind the Clouds".
The old steel workers house "Folkets Hus" turned out to be just the perfect place in the struggle to get an organic, genuine and muddy sound. Most of the material was recorded live - just like it is supposed to be done, according to every trustworthy rock snob - which caught the ideal sound ; raw, warm and real.
During the following fall the band said; this is just too good not to be released. Money was gathered, designers and marketing people were contacted, and live gigs were booked. In December 2005 the album "Behind the Clouds" was pre-released in co-operation with the network BD Pop, but fully in alignment with genuine DIY-spirit. A handful of gigs later, almost every album was sold and something had to be done.
The band decided that they couldn't handle the process by themselves so after some negotiating with different record labels, a deal was closed with A Westside Fabrication. Since of April 2006 the album is out on the Swedish market and played on the radio all around Sweden. Some of the songs from the album also made it to national TV in the blockbuster series "Möbelhandlarens Dotter". Now the CD is being distributed in North America by Listening Post!
What's up next - nobody knows. Yesterday Luleå today Sweden, tomorrow the universe.

Markus Larsson, once opon a time a member of Luleås R.E.M, The Dunaways, but during the recent years he has been doing a lot of graphical design, stunning t-shirts and he's been working on a marvelous beard. Markus is fond of calm evenings at home, long walks and tiny tiny acustic instruments

Kalle Nyman once scared a bunch of olds retireds as a bass player in Far apart and Breach, but he has also played jazz, soul and even some classical music. Mr. Blonde is a professional decor painter, happy sailor and remembers with a great joy the life on the road in eastern Germany, where he made the girls scream of esctacy as he performed in the city of Cottbus.

Johan Haupt has played nearly all types of music and he can handle almost everything. Once he was a happy owner of a Renault R5, which even took him between Luleå and Malmö (but not back again!). The latter city gave him an engineering degree, and the former a childhood and a marrage.

Johan Englund has played with everyone who is anyone and is someone of an inofficial band leader. The very few moments he is not playing music, he is doing some really hard body work. Johan, who got married last summer, threw up ten minutes into his bachelor party.

Mats Ömalm did some touring with Far apart and Spoiler, and he might hold a record in being a member of a band who is not going anywhere. Master of really bad guitar deals, and Marc Ripots most foremost copycat. He thinks that bag-in-box is the greatest invention in the 21th century.

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1. It's Alright
2. Come On
3. Darling
4. Ride Out The Storm
5. Take A Breath
6. Safe and Sound
7. Under The Sun
8. At The Break of Day
9. Coffee Cup
10. So Strong
11. Way Down Low
12. Behind The Clouds