Mysterell - Sensational

Mysterell is a new project by Torben L. This first album entitled Sensational reveals new depths of his musical mind and it’s only the beginning! To the public it will seem to be a solo release from the master mind of danish hard rock trio Pangea and to some it will appear to be the logical next step. However, it’s much more than that...

Torben picked up his first guitar in 1980 and the first years of learning to play was also a time of trading instruments with other guitarists that couldn’t afford to buy new instruments. He joined his first real band Los Hampos at a youth club in 1982, and formed his first own band Axa at the same club in 1983. With Axa he also made his first television appearance at a huge youth festival.

In 1984 he joined the band Lizard which after many many changes in style and line up turned into Pangea in 1987. While always sticking with the guys in Pangea he also joined different projects of different characters. Usually he would be brought in for his unmistakable hard rock style of guitar playing but over the years more and more for his vocal skills as well. Like in 1996-98 where he toured Denmark with a Toto tribute band as the lead singer only.

As he produced several demos and EP’s for other bands earlier he easily qualified for co-engineering the first Pangea album in 1995, and co-producing their second in 1997.
Since then he has produced and co-produced many albums for both well known and less known artists in Denmark. Not only in ”his own” genre but also Nu Metal, jazz, folk, pop, RnB, and dance. Instead of always hiring different studios at rates that can kill any good idea at birth he opened his own Tune Town in the summer of 2002. From here he has begun and will be producing a steady stream of albums in the years to come.

The latest addition to his very extensive discography is the Mysterell album ”Sensational”. This is one of the first productions to come out of Tune Town and Torben was thrilled when he could announce the signing with Frontiers Records for the release of it.

Fans of Pangea will surely recognize the unmistakable style of some of the material on ”Sensational” but they will also get to see different sides of Torben L as a songwriter. Of course you have the groovy hard rocking, the powerful ballads and the pretty straight forward rocker Don’t Ever Stop that you would expect from a Torben L album. But you also get the film-score-like instrumental The Challenge and much more, so when you sum it all up you get....Mysterell !


Price- $16.00


1 Don't Ever Stop
2 I Belong With You
3 Why
4 When You Love
5 Bring the House Down
6 There Was You
7 Remember Me
8 Help Me find A Way
9 Sling Shot
10 Take Me To The River
11 The Challenge