Minxy Soul Models
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Minxy Soul Models is sound and they are beat. Based in gothenburg, sweden, somewhere down the early years of the new millenium, minxy soul models set out to be something completely different from the start. but they never meant to be avantgarde, cause then you can't dance to it. and they all love to dance. instead, this is a new take on pop. the members of minxy all grew up in gothenburg, the harbour everyone reaches eventually. and three of them used to play together as kids.

Influences range far and wide - my bloody valentine, cocteau twins, cranes, joy division, m83, david bowie, air, daft punk, ride, depeche mode, the cure, devo, kate bush, sigur ròs, stina nordenstam, primal scream, the knife, suicide, suede, the strokes, the rapture, queen adreena, dive, tindersticks, chet baker, ella fitzgerald, johnny cash, ron sexsmith, the god machine, pet shop boys, arab strap, franz ferdinand, the bear quartet, neil young, john lennon, emely jane powers, capstan shafts, maus, red house painters, the wedding present, florence foster jenkins, eggstone, skinny puppy, bright eyes, jesus & mary chain, mazzy star, the velvet underground, nine inch nails, ministry, front 242, beyoncé, ben christophers, björk, belle and sebastian, silverbullit, aphex twin, autechre, bloc party, blonde redhead, serena maneesh, cat power, smashing pumpkins, the cardigans, chicks on speed, peaches, prince, the delfonics, the supremes, kaah, phoenix, madonna, mazzy star, the magnetic fields, spiritualized, sonic youth, joanna newsom, the radio dept., revl9n, robyn!!!, the tough alliance, the studio, the kills, pj harvey, nick drake, rolling stones, roxy music, talking heads, trans am, vincent gallo etc.

Sounds Like steel rain pounding down on your car; blends in with the pop song on the tiny radio system. you're parked on an empty lot in the middle of the night and the girl on your right side looks at you and says you're being childish, as usual. but you know she loves you just because you're half man, half boy and half woman [adds up to 1 1/2 person, but you're somehow larger than life with her] and sometimes these kinds of harmless semi-fights end up with you in the backseat. and you're thinking 'well, it may not last forever', but it's worth trying. and the voice on the radio - or maybe it's the girl on your right side - is singing like he/she wants to be a millionare, but never had the right angle, the right opportunity or the courage. but it's worth trying.

Price- $17.00


1. F*** The Night Away
2. Meat District
3. Freeze Me 1.0
4. 99 Times
5. Them Angels
6. Wish Me Back
7. Baby It's You
8. Kuchibiru Daisuki
9. Top Gun
10. Missing In Action
11. Perfect Highway