Imported from Sweden

"After seeing MINE live twice in a short while Mass Produktion, their Swedish Record Label, realized that there was nothing to it. This we've got to sign. Regardless of the fact that we didn't plan to sign new artists at that time". In early 1995 Mine signed a recording contract with Massproduktion. The band at then was a trio; bass, saxophone and vocals - and their lively yet quiet and unobtrusive music was striking. At the time we were enthusiastic. Now we are ecstatic!

The recordings began in June 1995 with Martin "Nåid" Landquist as producer. Martin proved to the exactly the right person to bring out both the mildness and the bite of Mine's music.

It took a long time and many different studios, but the record kept growing. From the original trio the size of the band has both grown and shrunk, consistently with vocalist Emma Holmér as a natural hub and focus. Her imaginative songs and fantastic voice is a natural center in Martin's peculiar soundscape. The result is music which is difficult to define and categorize. It contains influences from many different sources, and where they meet there is only Mine. Emma's background in everything from punk to cool, sophisticated jazz- and folk combos makes her move softly and playfully between the different genres. On the different tracks we find musicians like Sebastian and Örjan from The FleshQuartet, piano player Lars Pollack and Blacknuss All Star-trumpet player Goran.
The final mix was done by Johan Vävare, who in turn has added yet another dimension to the material.

The cover art was done by Stefania Malmsten, one of the most talented young art directors around and we are very proud over the fact that the Minecovers and posters represented young new Scandinavian design at the prestigious Bauhausmuseum in Berlin in fall 1997.
The end product is big music without ever getting obtrusive. Mine shows that stillness speaks louder than thunder.

The debut album was released in the Nordic countries on March 17th 1997 and got a very good reception. We can't recall a debut getting this good reception for ages.
The single Little Pieces was released 21th of April and spent 7 weeks on rotation on National Swedish Radio Channel 3 and also got high rotation on several local stations. The video also got rotation on Z-TV.
During the summer they played some of the most important festivals (Arvikafestivalen, Slottsfestivalen, Vattenfestivalen among others) and the fall of 1997 was spent rehearsing and writing new material with the new band.

Price- $16.00



1. Mine
2. This Love Is Killing Me
3. Nowhere To Go
4. This Moment
5. Little Pieces
6. Leaving
7. Ready To Love
8. Inside
9. Canticle
10. Won't Let It Get Me Down