The debut album »MARBLE!« was released June 14, 2006.

Swedish Marble has refined their cocktail of pop, punk and new wave into highly condensed, minimalistic perfection. The band takes off in the new wave sounds of the late 70s and early 80s and lands in the simplicity of punk to deliver a sound that is cheeky and playful with lots of energy.

Estimated time on arrival from take off: 24 minutes. Solos and bridges have been discarded in search for an effective and original core, displayed in ten tracks boasting with self-confidence. The debutalbum, »Marble!«, was recorded during ten hectic days in the Sidelake studio Sundsvall in the north of Sweden and the Atlantis studio in Stockholm with the wildly enthusiastic producer Mikael Herrström.

Price- $13.00


1. Dye My Hair
2. Nancy Drew
3. Johnny Johnny
4. Danny Zuko
5. Rude Boy
6. BAM!
7. Marble Rock
8. Europe Kid
9. Pump Our Gas
10. Judy Says