Left Side Brain - Action Potential - imported from the UK by Listening Post Music

From Kerrang! #1100 (March 25 2006):

The functions of the human brain's left hemisphere include logic, rationality and objectivity. One major factor scientists have clearly overlooked in this Bristol-based foursome's case is the ability to harness the power of the riff. With a capital R. Fusing Helmet's bludgeoning power to Kerbdog's sense of driving melody, Left Side Brain deliver an impressively strong, no-nonsense follow-up to their 2004 debut 'Equal And Opposite'.
From the one-two attack of 'At Your Own Risk' and 'Exit Route', to the controlled aggression of 'Save Yourself' - featuring guest vocals from Reuben's Jamie Lenman - 'Action Potential' has hook-filled anthems in abundance. Left Side Brain prove themselves to be one of the brightest lights in British rock. Go to the light. KKKK (4/5)

Rock Sound #83 (April 2006):

While the Americans have always utilised cameo appearances by friends in high places to boost their appeal, our ever-modest Brit bands have preferred to make it on their own steam. Maybe it's a sign of growing confidence in the significance of UK bands, but nonetheless LSB made a wise move in employing Reuben's Jamie Lenman on 'Save Yourself', as he's helped create an undisputed hard rock highlight on this, their second album. The Bristol-based band haven't enjoyed the same success as Reuben so far, but it's surely only a matter of time. Combining driving rock of the Helmet variety with the melodic sensibilities that made early Foo Fighters so great, their songs are a very worth addition to the Brit-rock arsenal. 8/10

From Classic Rock #91 (April 2006):

As the side of the brain concerned with organisation, thought and logic, it's appropriate that Left Side Brain's music resembles some kind of winning mathematical formula. Combining the taut, muscular riffs of Therapy?, the melodic suss of Foo Fighters, the brute force of Helmet and the emo edginess of Funeral For A Friend, these Bristol-based boys have fashioned an album that sounds both familiar and fresh. Building on the promise of their 2004 debut, Equal And Opposite, Action Potential reveals Left Side Brain to have not only a patent grasp of basic rock dynamics but also the ability to stretch out and flex their technical muscles - particularly on the closing nine-minute instrumental Gas Giant. 8/10

From Metal Hammer #151 (April 2006):

Hard-gigged and eager to confirm our ever-growing suspicion that Wales is the ancestral home of emo, Left Side Brain offered a genuine rival to FFAF and the Lostprophets last year with their outstanding debut 'Equal And Opposite'. So, how to get round that awkward second album? Tight vocal harmonies mesh with a more retrospective hard-rocking guitar sound as a finely mixed and well-seasoned club sound assaults the ears. Openers 'At Your Own Risk' and 'Exit Route' both promise to further the much-hyped rockers' cause, as they radiate radio playability. Sounding like a vaguely miffed accountant throughout, the lead vocal is both welcome for its dissimilarity to pretty much anyone else, and equally unwelcome for the fact tgat it can become quite grating. 'Action Potential' should help a promising act claim their share of the Valleys' ever-growing fan-base. 6/10

From Big Cheese #73 (March 2006):

After their critically acclaimed debut 'Equal and Opposite', Left Side Brain had a lot to live up to. And they seem to have done well. They focus very heavily on melody driven songs, slightly reminiscent of Bush's early material. 'Blubberbuss' particularly has beautifully fragile vocals, nicely backed up by a cracking, crunching guitar, only complimented more by the wonderful harmonies in the chorus. There is also a guest appearance by Reuben frontman on 'Save Yourself', who vocally battles it out in one of the most aggressive tracks on the album. For people who like their guitars loud and their vocals melodic, this is definitely the album for you. 3/5

From 'Fusion' magazine #004 (March 21, 2006):

From the sound of this record, LSB has plenty of synapses left from round one to snap into round two. A follow-up their smashing Equal and Opposite debut, and aided by producer Neal Calderwood, this deal has the Bristol-based Anglo Welsh boys doing it rough ‘n tough one more time. Riffs ripping and drums ablaze, the brainiest bit is still the vocal harmonies – delivered with astounding aptitude. Reuben’s Jamie Lenman adds to the neuron-brilliance with an appearance on Save Yourself – just one of the numerous tracks that together should rocket this cd into your cd player.
Best… choice for rocking your socks off! 8/10

Left Side Brain - Action Potential - imported from the UK by Listening Post Music. Also check out Left Side Brain - Equal and Opposite

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1. At Your Own Risk
2. Exit Route
3. Well Well Well
4. Blunderbuss
5. Pay To Play
6. Ghost Train
7. Save Yourself
8. Smithereens
9. Power Failure
10. Border Control
11. !Sayonara!
12. Gas Giant