Left Side brain
Equal and Opposite

Imported from the UK.

Left Side Brain - Debut Album - Equal And Opposite
"Rock with a capital 'R'" - The Fly
"LSB are gonna tear you a new arsehole in '04" - Metal Hammer

Bristol-based Anglo-Welsh foursome Left Side Brain fuse ripping riffs, wrecking ball drums and a searing triple vocal attack to bring you a distilled new brand of British Rock. Working with the simple philosophy that the greatest tunes work best when they're thrashed within an inch of their life, LSB offer up the Real Rock Deal.

In their first two years together, the band committed to gigging like bastards in every corner of the U.K. Purposefully running themselves ragged, LSB honed their most explosive songs in the kind of frenetic, vital and sweat-soaked sets that spit an audience out with a shit-eating grin on its collective face.

With the material and method of delivery established, the next point of call was to get the very best songs down on tape; which led the band to Northern Ireland and the recording of the 'Surface Tension E.P.' . Released in the first quarter of 2004, the four-track E.P. reached no. 27 in the rock charts, gained national radio play and the video for lead track 'Fallout'
was playlisted on Kerrang! TV and Scuzz.

To capitalise on this success, LSB returned to N.I. in June 2004 to record their debut album with 'Surface Tension' producer Neal Calderwood - known for his work with members of Clutch and Therapy?. Entitled 'Equal and Opposite', this 11-track long-player delivers a rocket-propelled grenade of tunesmithery, all administered with the kind of nut-crushingly bombastic sound that LSB have made their own.

'Equal and opposite' was released on Sugar Shack Records - 8 th November 2004. Now brought to the USA by Listening-Post music (www.listening-post.com)

In a time of spindly garage bands, perma-tanned boy-bilge and the last dregs of dreary populist U.S. metal, LSB are a defiantly fiery breath of fresh air.

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1. Figures
2. Clout
3. Fallout
4. Charge
5. Medicine Ball
6. Uncomfortable
7. Low Tide
8. Through
9. 6,000 Miles
10. Silo Mentality
11. Firing Line