LAND OF TALES: Land of Tales
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Land of Tales is a brand new band based in Finland masterminded by two guys, Kristian (guitar and vocals) and Palle (keyboards), who started doing music together since the tender age of six and seven. They have been playing together for fifteen years in a band called Naiskala. However all the time, there was a constant urge to make more adult oriented rock music, sung in English.

Kristian finally started writing songs in this new direction during November 2006, meanwhile Petri Lahtinen and Mika Mäkiranta wrote the lyrics for the tales. They uploaded the songs on their Myspace page, getting a fabulous response from all over the world. International fan clubs have been already founded in Germany and overseas. Land of Tales therefore started shopping their music around, until they caught the interest of Frontiers Records who signed them in the fall of 2007.

The Land of Tales sound is an equal union of keyboards and guitar, crafted with catchy melodies and BIG choruses! The result is a somewhat original and peculiar approach to songwriting and music that makes them stand apart from many other bands of the Melodic Rock genre.

In the summer 2007 long time musical friends Sami on bass and Sami O. on drums joined the band during the debut album recording sessions.

Land of Tales are now geared up to take the Melodic Rock world by storm. Get ready for their exciting slice of classic melodies and Rock !

LAND OF TALES: Land of Tales
Imported from Italy by Listening-Post Music

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.1 Silence
2 Slow Waters
3 Keep Out
4 Outlander
| 5 All The Same
6 Wasted Chance
7 Nobody Dares
8 Choose
9 So Long
10 Fading Away
11 Right As Rain