We're Back..But We're Evil" The Almost Complete Krunch, but more...

Krunch is a Legendary Swedish punkband and this collection has 30 tracks compiled from all their records, 4 previously unreleased.

The Press on "Krunch":

This is wild untamed hardcore on Swedish, diverse, with no limits and spurting with insane energy... It's like being hit by a train." Backstage

"Krunch is an all out, guns blasting panzer attack of a metal mutha played by inhuman hands. Second best single in the stack" NME", UK

Being a totally unique band and ahead of its time Krunch never really made it at home in Sweden, maybe because they never used all the punk-clichés. But they had a large audience in Europe and Germany, which they also toured twice. Krunch's approach to punk was breathtaking speed, neckbreaking turns, a very special humour and surrealistic lyrics that made them one of the true pioneers of the second wave of punk that arrived to Sweden in early 80-ies influenced by bands like Discharge and MDC. This collection has everything they released on vinyl apart from the really early stuff. It also contains 4 previously unreleased tracks that was recorded in 1989 but not finished until 1993. Two songs are also remixed.

Thorsten Thörnblad - vocals, guitar
Jouni Renikainen - guitar
Tomas Månsson - bass
Rickard Himmerlid - drums

Imported from Sweden
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1. Expressen (The express)
2. Äntligen nåt förnuft (Finally made sense)
3. C´mon nån gång då baby
4. In*fa*r*t
5. Nervös Entrecote (Nervous Steak)
6. Grisblinkarnas bröl (The growl of the Gris.)
7. Lagerqvist
8. Tro, hopp och kärlek (Faith, hope and love)
9. Och hat och son å sånt (and hate, son and stuff)
10. Skallbasparaden (Skullbase parade)
11. Hjälten eller vecka (Hero or Weak)
12. Drift (Instinct)
13. Ändring (Change)
14. Brunst (In heat)
15. Farlig lek (Dangerous game)
16. Begränsad (Limited)
17. Sänkt (Down)
18. Gråt… (Cry)
19. Passiv (Passive)
20. Jag är inte (I’m not)
21. Svett (Sweat)
22. Hospital
23. Panik (Panic)
24. Relation
25. Dum (Stupid)
26. Slask (Grimy)
27. Plantage (Plantation)
28. Free F***
29. Puzzled
30. Birgit

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