The Kristet Utseende
Sug Och Grals

Imported from Sweden.

Hardcore, heavy duty Swedish punk!Originally released by Bel Produktion in 1994, reissued by
Massproduktion in 1996. Recorded by Patrik Sjölander and Michael Kristmansson at Clav Studio in January 1994. Mixed by Michael Kristmansson and The Kristet Utseende.

The Kristet Utseende:
Michel Holk Lansink - Guitar and backing vocals
Ulph Swenson - Drums and moffesnack
J. Chillum Fahlberg - Lead vocals and guitar
Mikael Bong Höglund - Bass and backing vocals

Anneli Hedström - violin on track 2
Kairos Fjollor - choir - Nicklas Westin, Lulla, and the Kristet

Price- $11.00


Track Listing

1. Bärs som bärs
2. Kairos fjollor
3. Tommy Tommy
4. Holk!
5. Kristen tjackfabrik
6. En fet jävla holk
7. Moffegreven
8. Piss-slickarn från
9. Bög i Buffalo

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