Khymera - A New Promise - imported from Italy by Listening-Post Music

Born as a studio project set to create a union between one of the historic voices of rock and one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists of today’s rock music scene, KHYMERA has now evolved into something more...

Still featuring the talents of Daniele Liverani (main performer and composer of the GENIUS rock opera), KHYMERA has now gathered a full band lineup with Dennis Ward of PINK CREAM 69 on vocals, drummer Dario Ciccioni (GENIUS) and new guitar sensation Tommy Ermolli.

Ward makes his absolute debut as lead singer with this album showcasing an incredible voice that will make one wonder how come this guy never take the mike in hand before playing bass!

The songs are again gathered from some of the most outstanding writers in the melodic rock and AOR scene featuring the likes of Robin and Judithe Randall (“If You Dare To Dream”), Jeff Scott Soto (“You Can’t Take Me”), Don Barnes (“Looking For You” and “After The Way”), but the bulk of the album showcases the shining songwriting of brothers Tom and James Martin (ex SUGARTOWN), who penned songs for such artists as DO (“Angel By My Side”) and RONAN KEATING among others.

Just like the first record was the very best melodic rock could offer, the new one showcases a rich and diverse songwriting along with great musicianship. The result is an enjoyable and riveting melodic rock record, set to please all the fans who enjoyed the first record and more !


Check out Khymera's first CD and their latest The Greatest Wonder.

Khymera - A New Promise - imported from Italy by Listening-Post Music


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1. A New Promise
2. Alone
3. Let It Burn
4. Looking For You
5. All That I Have
6. The Damage Is Done
7. After The Way
8. You Can't Take Me
9. Tomorrow Never Comes
10. Fields of Fire
11. If You Dare To Dream
12. Give In To The World
13. All Is Gone