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Take one of the greatest vocalists in the rock history and put him into a studio with one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists of today’s rock music scene, armed with a bunch of songs penned by some of the most successful songwriters in melodic rock history… The result would be nothing less than a wet dream for all melodic and hard rock fans of the whole world !

KHYMERA is exactly this: a union forged in a recording studio between Steve Walsh, lead singer of Kansas with Daniele Liverani (Empty Tremor plus main performer and composer of the Genius rock opera), with beautiful songs supplied by the likes of Jim Peterik (Survivor), Russ Ballard (Rainbow) David Foster (Chicago, Celine Dion) and John Bettis (Heart, Journey), Robin & Judithe Randall (Mark Free, FM), Giorgio Moroder, Bob Held (Joe Lynn Turner), Kip Winger and Reb Beach (Winger), Mark Spiro (Giant, House Of Lords) Johnny Gioeli (Hardline) and Neal Schon (Journey) !!!

The fantastic line-up for this album is completed by Dario Ciccioni (Genius Rock Opera) on drums plus a magnificent team of background singers: Joe Vana and Thom Griffin (Mecca) and Billy Greer (Seventh Key, Kansas).

Mike Slamer (Streets, Steelhouse Lane) mixed the album in his studios in Los Angeles, with the precise task to rebuild the approach and sounds of the classic Streets album but with a "new millenium" edge!

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Khymera - A New Promise - imported from Italy by Listening-Post Music


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1. Khymera
2. Strike Like Lightening
3. Shadows
4. Who's Gonna Love you Tonight
5. Living with A Memory
6. Bless A Brand New Angel
7. Written In The Wind
8. Without Warning
9. How You Gonna Live Without Love
10. Say It With Love
11. Love Leads The Way
12. Tears on The Pages