Jupither - Strikes Back
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Jupither is upbeat pop/rock with an artillery of ballistic sounds that are easy on the ear!

Cathcy. Melodic. Even fit for the radio!

The Story of Jupither started on earth, in a suburb of a small town in the northern wastelands of Sweden. In the fall of 1997 five youngsters awoke from their winter sleep and started writing some funky pop music.

They blew all the other competitors away with their energetic performance and highly developed showmanship. The prize was a recording of an EP on SPEECH, one of AWSF's subsidiary labels. That’s how "It's Planetary" came about.

It was recorded during three week in Rumble Roads studios in Skellefteå, Sweden.
This Mini-CD was released in the spring of 1998.

Since then Jupither have changed some members in the line-up and released 6 singles
(Star, Spit, Hero, Falling, Baby, Love), four videos (Star, Hero, Falling, Love) that’s been rotating on MTV and Swedish ZTV. Their debut album Strikes Back was recorded in the summer of 2000, and later that fall it was released.

The album got very good reviews by the Swedish press, and two songs (Day of tomorrow, Baby) was played on heavy rotation at the Swedish National Radio P3. Their latest release smash hit is the single called "Love". And boy it was loved! During the summer of 2005 the radio channels put it on heavy rotation and the video also reached MTV’s Nordic chart "Up-north". As one could guess all of this has led to a lot of gigs and tours around Sweden.

By now Jupither is one of Sweden’s best, energetic live acts. And until now they’ve done hundreds of gigs. They have also sign a license deal with the L.A based label Crank! For the mini-cd "It’s Planetary". The future looks awfully bright.

Jupither are:
Funky Dan - vocals
Hank Anderson - guitars
Stevie West - guitars
Thomas Cornertwig - bass guitar
Fred Really - drums

Jupither - Strikes Back
Imported from Sweden by Listening-Post Music

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1. Day of Tomorrow
2. Quick Game
3. Baby
4. High
5. Silverspoon
6. Star
7. Last Kiss
8. Spit
9. One Day
10. Falling
11. All I Wanted To Be