Freeze Time - Room Temp

Freeze Time's third CD, Room Temp,complements and yet moves beyond the band's first two cd's - Moment to Moment and Standstill. Once again, value for money as 20 songs are on the CD. What's new this time is the appearance of the first compositions by Keith and Elliott Drago. Elliott is featured solo on Tom's Song, an instrumental written for a dear friend who passed away a couple of years back. Keith and Elliott combine on an instrumental called EfunK which is just what the name suggests.

Other songs range from the introspective Be Yourself (Everyone else is taken) to the playful (She Likes Me) to today's assault on Privacy (I no longer have a right to my privacy) as well as several love songs including Angela and I Am Now Sailing.

Two important guests appear on the Cd - Tom Anthony providing lead guitar on I Am Now Sailing and Pat Halligan singing harmony vocal on Contrary to Popular Belief and playing lead on Angela and She Likes Me.

Recorded by Keith Drago at KD studios and mastered by Grammy nominee Glenn Ferracone at The Music Centre in Exton, Pensylvania - give it a listen...please!

Freeze Time - Room Temp- Price- $10.00

Check out the new Freeze Time Cd -Cheers, Mate plus Sub Zero, plus Ocean .To.Ocean, as well as their first, first Freeze Time CD, Moment To Moment , and its second, Standstill, -Available as a physical cd and digitally on itunes:
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Track Listing (click to play sample)

1. Be Yourself (Everyone Else Is Taken)
2. Angela
3. Different Doors(Leading to the Same Place)
4. I’ve Got A Right to My Privacy
5. The Big Money
6. The Wine Is Flowing Fast
7. When Does Faith Turn Into Doubt
8. Tom’s Song
9. I’ve Got You (Only Sunshine Will Do)
10. There Is No Place for the Truth
11. Don’t You Make Fun Of Me
12. Blind, Deaf & Dumb
13. It Was Meant to Be This Way
14. I Am Now Sailing
15. Contrary To Popular Belief
16. He’s a Nice Group of Guys
17. You Lose What You Hold Onto
18. Another Box to be Checked
19. EfunK
20. She Likes Me