Freeze Time - Ocean.To.Ocean

Ocean.To.Ocean is Freeze Time’s fourth CD. Freeze Time is a family band comprised of sons, Keith and Elliott Drago and Dad, Bud. Freeze Time plays all kinds of music but this fourth CD, perhaps underscoring Keith’s recent move to Los Angeles, features much more hard hitting guitars and driving bass then their first three cd’s.

You might call the music cool, paternal pop-rock characterized by sometimes deep, sometimes quirky lyrics. Ocean.To.Ocean features two songs by Elliott and Keith – Insane For Love and Jane’s Lament. Insane for Love builds on Beach Boys like harmonies but with soaring guitar reminiscent of bands like Badfinger and ELO at their apex.

Bud’s songs range from the hopefully not too preachy True Believer which leads off the CD (listen closely – the song may not be saying what you think it’s saying) to an introspective comment about life – What Makes Life Interesting – a happy song – Everything is Going Right Today – these last two feature the superb drumming of Glenn Ferracone (a Grammy nominated producer ) . The usual commentaries about the idiosyncrasies that make us all think twice are all here as well – whether it’s “And then Paul McCartney Ate A Hamburger” (keep in mind he’s a vegetarian), Call The Lawyers In or “She’s Got Something To Say.”

There are also several bonus tracks including a Chinese version of You Would Do That For Me sung by two of Bud’s graduate students - Lia Fu and Nicole Lin - as well as some neat “outro” guitar work by another - Heath Lee on “Promises Made, Promises Kept” and “You Would Do That For Me” – Chinese version. Let’s not forget the fanciful cover art done by renowned Brazilian photographer Marilia Percorari.

The result is a widely varied collection, one that sheds light on each of Freeze Time’s members’ distinct individual sensibilities and reveals the true strength of Freeze Time.

This combination of curiosity and creativity makes Ocean.To.Ocean one of Freeze Time’s best efforts. Check it out and let us know your favorites!

Freeze Time - Ocean.To.Ocean- Price- $10.00

Check out the first Freeze Time CD, Moment To Moment ,its second, Standstill, third, Room Temp-fourth- Sub Zero ,their sixth - Cheers, Mate and their latest - Makeshift. Available as a physical cd and digitally on itunes:
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Track Listing (click to play sample)

1. True Believer (3:22)
2. What Makes Life Interesting (3:37)
3. I See The Snow Falling (3:20)
4. Promises Made, Promises Kept (3:48)
5. Insane For Love (2:19)
6. You Would Do That For Me (2:53)
7. The End Game (4:02)
8. Everything Is Going Right Today (2:51)
9. We All Fall Apart In Different Ways (2:56)
10. Will You Please Tell Me (3:27)
11. And Then Paul McCartney Ate A Hamburger (2:47)
12. Call The Lawyers In (3:22)
13. Jane’s Lament (:38)
14. Everyone Is Flawed ( 4:02)
15. I’m Not Sure Of What There Is To Be Sure About (2:44)
16. This Hasn’t Been My Day (2:41)
17. She’s Got Something To Say (3:11)

Bonus Songs

18. You Would Do That For Me – Chinese version (3:01)
19. War Zone (2:51) - 1984
20. Eye For an Eye (3:32) - 2002
21. Determined Heart (2:54) – 1982
22. Shake It Out (3:13) - 1988
23. What Do You Want Me To Say (2:31) - 1980
24. Just One Minute (2:38) - 2002