Freeze Time - Cheers, Mate

Cheers, Mate is the sixth album from Freeze Time. Freeze Time is Keith Drago, Bud Drago and Elliott Drago joining together to create a range of styles both old and new and something in between. Cheers, Mate was recorded primarily in Chiswick, London, England but also had sessions in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania with much post recording work done in Los Angeles by Keith Drago.

What makes this album so special is that many of the songs feature friends old and new. Simon Ives and Vic Watson from Bud's punk band Scissor Fits join together with Bud and Keith to do a set of eight songs. Simon handles the bass while Vic is on lead guitar, Keith takes his Dad's place behind the kit while Bud is playing rhythm guitar and singing the songs. Recorded in London and produced by Keith in LA, these songs represent a fusion of styles from the hard rocking Sweet Little Lies and Remember Now to the heart-wrenching Private Tears featuring a wonderful solo by Vic to the Beatles-influenced I Feel So Good Waking Up To You.

Pat Martin, Bud's childhood friend now living in LA, came back East to record lead guitar and sing on three songs - Saying Goodbye Without Leaving, Tennis Balls, and Conversation Cul De Sac.

Carrying on with tradition, Ashay Grove sings a Bud Drago written tune - I Am My Beloved in Hindi - Mein Tujhun Hoon.Tom Sangiorgio plays lead guitar, bass and adds harmony while Matthew Renzo adds percussion.

Last but not least, some interesting Bonus tracks. Freeze Time's latest two singles, "Hey Alexa, Haven't We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos" plus "Is This The Best We Can Do" with powerful bass lines from Elliott Drago, Lead guitar by Luke Ferracone fropm The Groove Merchants and ferocious drumming by Grammy-nominated drummer, Glenn Ferracone.

These two bonus songs are joined by Cream Cheese, a track recorded by Keith's old band, Laidout. (with Tommy Anthony and Dave - Dave Days Colditz).- lots of fun on that one plus I Am Alive a track Bud did with Lee Whitney in 2003..

Graphics by Linda De Simone and Mastered in Chester Springs, PA by Glenn Ferracone at The Music Centre - a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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Track Listing (click to play sample)

1. Sweet Little Lies
2. Saying Goodbye Without Leaving
3. Days Are Long, Years Are Short
4. Tennis Balls
5. My Last Thoughts
6. Private Tears
7. Remember Now
8. Conversation Cul De Sac
9. I Am My Beloved
10. I’ll Be Waiting Up For You Tonight
11.Just Another Piece of Dirt
12. If I Fell
13. I Feel So Good Waking Up To You
14. Lay Me Down To Sleep (2002)

Bonus Songs

15. Mein Tujhme Hoon (I am My Beloved -Hindi)
16. Haven’t We Had Enough of Jeff Bezos
17. Is This The Best We Can Do?
18. Cream Cheese (2002)
19. I Am Alive (2003)
20. It’s So Simple