Freeze Time - Sub Zero

Sub Zero is Freeze Time’s fifth CD. Freeze Time is a family band comprised of sons, Keith and Elliott Drago and Dad, Bud. Sub Zero features a much harder and tighter attack than the band’s first four CD’s. Rehearsed and recorded over an eight-month period in Los Angeles and Chester Springs, Pennsylvania the songs were done live with minimal overdubbing leading to a fresh, bright sound.

The songs display the same kind of irreverent wit found in the band’s first four CD’s mixed in with some deep reflections on work (The Dangling Carrot, It’s 4 AM), unwanted social interaction (Doing The Cocktail Party Dance), fun at the beach (Beach Days And Boardwalk Nights) the “importance” of selfies (It’s All About Me), as well as sentimental love songs (You Mean Something to Me and Where Angels Sleep At Night).

The CD starts with One Thing Led To Another – a rocker that builds and is supported by a driving bass line and harmony vocals from Elliott as well as searing lead guitar and drums from Keith. Bud did play guitar on this track – until Keith erased it!

Pat Martin, Bud’s friend from, gulp, elementary school is also featured prominently on the CD. Singing lead and playing lead guitar (on the second half of Benjamins Won’t Make Me Yours – Keith plays lead on the first half), she also contributes background vocals on Too Many Times and lead guitar on It’s 4 Am and It’s All About Me.

There are also two bonus tracks on the CD – the first, continuing Freeze Time’s new tradition of including foreign versions of their songs is Du Skulle Göra Det För Mig (You Would Do That For Me -Swedish version) -written by Bud Drago - Swedish translation by Peter Dahlgren and David Asker– vocals recorded and produced in Lund, Sweden by Max Dahlgren – vocals by Jonatan Olofsson of the Swedish band WHYBE.

The second is a song Bud recorded in 1983 – Where You Been featuring the bass playing and background vocals of Lee Whitney.

The design and artwork of Sub Zero were done by two of Bud’s former graduate students - Lia Fu and Nicole Lin .

Mastering was done at The Music Centre – Exton, PA. by Grammy nominated producer and drummer extraordinaire, Glenn “You almost broke my $4,000 CD recorder”, Ferracone.


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Track Listing (click to play sample)

1. One Thing Led To Another
2. The Dangling Carrot
3. Doing The Cocktail Party Dance
4. You Mean Something To Me
5. Beach Days and Boardwalk Nights
6. Do I Want To Know
7. Benjamins Won’t Make Me Yours
8. It’s 4 AM
9. Hey Betrayer
10. Life Changes You
11. Again and Again
12. I’m Gonna Climb A Mountain
13. Too Many Times
14. It’s All About Me
15. Where Angels Sleep At Night

Bonus Songs

16. Du Skulle Göra Det För Mig (You Would Do That For Me -Swedish version)
17. Where You Been