“We simply called the new record ‘Farrah’ because this record sounds like everything we’ve been searching for. It just sums up what we are,” says Jez. Namely, 12 outstanding songs that walk a delicate line between bitter and sweet. “Life can be beautifully sad,” continues Jez. “We all have dreams that taunt us, we all want to be different but are also desperate to find someone who feels the same – that’s what we wrote about on this record.”

From tales of office romances in faded seaside towns (“Scarborough”) to the aching simplicity of “DNA” (perhaps the first love song about the human genome?) to uplifting pop anthems (“Swings And Roundabouts” and “Stereotypes”), “Farrah” is a feast for the mind and ears, effortlessly mixing genres and styles. “When you're making music on your own terms and not necessarily trying to appeal to a particular market, you can be as diverse as you like,” says Andrew. Jez adds, “And you can get away with murder if you have a gorgeous melody. We love hiding a dark lyric under a whistle-able tune.”

With their penchant for genre-hopping and magpie-like appropriation of spiky New Wave guitar sounds, 70s-soft-rock layered vocal harmonies and retro synth flourishes, it's easy to see why Farrah don't fit into any one musical genre. Echoes of classic records from the likes of Steve Miller, Tom Petty and ELO to Ben Folds, Squeeze, Fountains Of Wayne and Elvis Costello resonate throughout the album.

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Price- $19.00


Track Listing

1. Swings & Roundabouts
2. Stereotypes
3. Scarborough
4. DNA
5. Got The Best Of Me
6. If You Were Mine
7. Missed the Boat
8. Wasting Time
9. Just Driving
10. Abby's Going Out
11. Sleep Above The Covers
12. All I want Is You