Cut Out and Keep

All 11 tracks l pulse with the band's trademark powerpop, jangly guitars, vintage synthesizer sounds and singer/songwriter Jez Ashurst's genius with a quirky lyric "Cut Out And Keep" is a more reflective offering than Farrah's two previous albums. The band’s pop sensibility has taken a worldly direction that has seen them pepper "Cut Out And Keep" with anthemic rock songs, wistful piano ballads and classic West Coast-sounding harmonies.

In essence, "Cut Out And Keep" is an album of contrasts.

The first single is the ridiculously catchy "Fear Of Flying", which tells the story of an aviophobic travel agent, and sees bass player Michelle Margherita taking lead vocal for part of the track. "Fear Of Flying" also comes with a brilliant stop-frame animated video involving nearly 10,000 still photographs which took 6 weeks to shoot. "Dumb Dumb Ditty" is just what is says on the tin - a big, dumb rock song - that has had the normally restrained live audiences in Japan moshing in appreciation.

The irresistibly poignant acoustic tune "As Soon As I Get Over You" looks at those first days after a relationship break-up with a shy sense of humour and a lot of heart, while the breezy strains of "No-One Stays Together" invokes summer days and car rides with the wind blowing through your hair while delivering the subdued message that no one stays together anymore.

Farrah are at their most expressive when marrying bittersweet stories with uplifting tunes and this is illustrated most affectingly on "No Reason Why" - a bright, brilliant song filled with brassy trumpet trills and strident guitars, but dealing lyrically with a nervous breakdown.

FARRAH: Cut Out and Keep - Imported from the UK by Listening Post Music. Check out Farrah's other cd - Me Too! and its newest self-titled - Farrah

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Track Listing

1 Dumb Dumb Ditty
2 Do You Ever Think Of Me
3 Awkward Situation
4 No Reason Why
5 As Soon As I Get Over You
6 Fear Of Flying
7 School Reunion
8 Things We Shouldn't Say
9 No One Stays Together
10 The Only Way
11 Removal Man