Cause there is something about Elias that makes you wanna listen. Maybe it's in the "sticky" melody lines or in the lyrics, or how the bass plays, or the horn section that... Whatever it might be Elias music has the ability to grab hold of its audiences and put a smile on their faces. For example, on their debut single "Sayonara", it's enough to hear half a bar and suddenly you find yourself tapping away. And if there were such a thing as a recipe for a summer hit you can be sure it would contain the ingredients that Elias manages to mix so successfully in "Sayonara"...

Already immensely popular in their part of Sweden it's now time for the rest of the world to discover Elias. During the summer Elias will play at festivals and do concerts all over the place.

A few years ago Elias singer Fredrik was in the Swedish Eurovision Contest (Huge music competetion in Europe) where he was competing for one of the biggest labels in Sweden. But discontent with the labels management and the creative direction made him look for something more. And what do you know, Elias was born. Here Fredrik found a creative environment that made him - and the other members - thrive...

From the very south of Sweden comes Elias, a band that has the songs, the musicians, the charm and the originality to make it big. From the get go they have captured audinces everywhere gaining fans herever they have played. This was recently proven by the fact that their debut single - "Sayonara" - reached no.3 on the Swedish top chart (2005). Elias music is a blend of pop, reggae, ska, motown and other styles that they blend into something very unique. Further spice is added thanks to Fredrik (lead singer) playing accordion! Elias is a reminder that not all success stories in the modern music industry have to sound the same and that music does sound at is´s best when played by musicians and not machines.

This CD, Shine, is the result of all that inpspiration!

Price- $18.00


1 Song of Unity
2 Think About It
3 Second First Kiss
4 S*** Doesn't Happen
5 NY Reggae Day
6 I'll Survive
7 Behind Your Shadow
8 Loneliness
9 Shine
10 No Woman's Land
11 Words
12 And The Band They Just Played On
13 Who's Da Man