The Drowners
Cease To Be
(enhanced cd)

The Drowners First New CD in Four Years!

Special US release includes video for Vengeance and Bad Blood

At the place where pop meets rock and where melodies intertwine with raw power, thats where we find THE DROWNERS. Shaped by the extreme weather conditions of northern Sweden and the boredom/comfort of small city life, the band emerged in the middle of the Britpop explosion in the early nineties. They embraced that whole era with their feet still firmly rooted in American alternative rock with influences from Husker Du, REM, The Del Fuegos, The Sidewinders, The Replacements and so on. Add to that a small portion of hard rock and you have the lethal cocktail that is the foundation of THE DROWNERS.

The new album "Cease To Be" continues on the somewhat darker lyrical theme set on the previous album, "Muted To A Whisper". Melancholy is the word that springs to mind in an effort to sum the vibe of the album, although a couple of tracks sport a take on the lighter sides of existence as well. The rough riffs and soaring drums are ever present, mixed with plenty of sweet vocal harmonies. Songwriting and lyrics are still the main ingredients though, delivered by vocal and rhythm with more punch and energy than ever before.

Crafted in the basement, a product of our neighborhood from idea to realization, it's finally done. It took three years of writing, recording, engineering and contemplating, before it was deemed fit for you.

Through our system, into your sound system, we proudly give you "Cease To Be".

The Drowners are:

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Cease to Be - The Drowners First New CD in Four Years!

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Price - $10.00

1 Perfect Girlfriend
2 Little Signs
3 10,000 Needles
4 Yeah Now What
5 True Love's Kiss
6 Vengeance and Bad Blood
7 Bedroom Wall
8 In Denial
9 I Resign
10 Words (Don't Come Easy)
11 All About You
12 Cease To Be