THE CULTURE IN MEMORIAM: Abolish History, This is Our Story


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As a five-year-old, Victor Håkansson travelling around with a theatre-society, playing the tambourine. Some time has passed since and today Victor is twenty-one years old. His interest in music has grown and his talent has developed. The early days on the road have been followed by more, mainly on minor tours by himself, but also with“TheAnimal Five” as a stand-in guitarist – in between the bloody riots. His debut-record “Nietzsches Ex”was paid tribute to by critics. What Victor produces in music exposes a true feeling of alienation. His work reveals a torn mind in its actual state and explores a thirst for life and a sense of furiousness against capitalism. The decadent currents turn into an act of pavestone pop, bound to tempt the senses of the listener. With this musical project called “The Culture in Memoriam” Victor has found his own way and dares to believe in his devoutly rancid, but enchantingly vulnerable voice. The extolled debut as a topic at ”Victor looks like Ziggy Stardust, sings like Bowie and writes songs which combine the ironies of Frank Zappa with the seriousness of Nick Drake…”and further: “…the text material from “Nietzsches Ex” is nothing less than pure literature. Victor mixes the revolutionary anger from the workers blocks in his hometown with the rabid scepticism of postmodernism against the great stories of the ideologies. ” The new album “Abolish History - This is our Story” is in many ways similar, in style and structure, to “Nietzsches Ex”, with its intense honesty, cynical yearn for love and its adamant politics. Although the new work contains great sets of instruments and grandiose brass sections, the grandness does not step on the fantastic presence of minimalism or the proper niche of the entire project: the choking frankness. The live act of “The Culture in Memoriam” consists of musicians from more established bands as well as musicians from less established bands. The essential set of drums, bass and guitar together with trumpet, percussion, melodica and ukulele achieves a compact unit, and the band is eager to please the audience and does its utmost to do so at each and every performance. Victor considers politics to be love and vice versa, and a love-song by him won’t leave you indifferent. All of the songs on the album are tributes to the life beyond the factory, or with Victor’s own words: “Our lives are being reduced to work, we have to reclaim the concepts...”. “Life should be synonymous to creative poetry and pure materialistic realization...” You shouldn’t try to cut this piece of rough diamond. This music should be taken for what it is and it should not be heard, but listened to. The distribution of the first release was taken care of by “Sound pollution”. /A friend of his

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1. Destroy All Facts and History
2 Sad To Be
3 Boredom
4 Unite!
5 Riot For Love
6 Fear, Faith And Friends
7 Old Friend
8 Capitalist Monster
9 Last Song
10 Hometown Hymn
11 Our Love Was Another Goodbye