The Confusions - The Pilot EP
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The Confusions have released a special five track ep - The Pilot EP - available only in the US that I am giving FREE with any CD purchase during the month of April 2008!

This is the Confusions Five song EP that will work just fine until their next full length CD which is due later in 2008!

Songs: The Pilot, Trampoline (the first two songs are from Trampoline CD), Silver, Artificial, Don’t Let The World Catch You Crying(from the 5 AM CD - winner of 2007 album of the year in Sweden). "Although they`re from Sweden, you can smell the classic, swirling, neon-like, brit pop influence with a skyscraping ceiling, a sunken bottom-end and a taffy-like elasticity in-between that gives these songs their huge, sweeping sound. It`s hard to say whether it`s you that becomes the puddle or if you`re the cannonball crashing into their oceanic sound."-OnlineReviewer.

As I said $5.00, postage included if your address is in the US, $9.00, postage included, anywhere else in the world.February 2008 Only


Also check out other Confusions music - Trampoline, Being Young, It Sure Looks Like the Confusions But It Sounds More Acoustic, and Don't Let The World Catch You Crying.




1. The Pilot
2. Trampoline

The above two songs are from Trampoline

3. Silver
4 .Artifical
5 . Don't Let the World Catch You Crying

The above three songs are from 5 AM,