BJORN NORESTIG: Hello Inside - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Björn Norestig is about 175 cm's long. He's got red(ish) hair and he is not very cool. He likes to play music all the time, and he is good at cooking.

Björn Norestig from Köping is back with a truly fantastic full-length debut album called "Hello Inside"! It was released in October 2006 in Sweden and in January 2007 in the US and unlike from his last 7-track record "Come Take A Shine", also available on he now plays with a whole band.

Here's the band:

Björn Norestig - vocals, guitars // Carl Ottosson - drums // Linda Majak - vocals // Peter Fredriksson - trombone // Philip Neterowicz - piano, keyboards // John-Erik Bentlöv - trumpet, percussion // Martin Sundström - bass, guitar

Bjorn Norestig is an exceptional talented young man and this is his first full length album. He has a beutiful voice and write wonderful songs that most be heard. It´s like he has taken tunes from the past and mixed it with his own of today. Among artists he likes we can mention; Neil Young, Ed Harcourt, Ron Sexsmith... Voices of the press: "Norestig has made it. I like it." (Anna Lindh, Länstidningen Östersund), "The voice is interesting, and the vocal arrangements are beautiful and so Woodstock smelling that the room starts to spin." (Ulf Oppman, Västerbottens-Kuriren).

Price - $17.00


1 Hello Inside
2 We Can Make It Last
3 Everything Is Good
4 Hold On
5 Come Take A Shine
6 Feeling of Emptiness
7 Why Oh Why
8 Character Song
9 Shut My Eyes
10 Falling Free
11 Little Oak