Confusions - Being Young

The Confusions story

Many of you have already heard of the Confusions as their most recent CD, Trampoline has done quite well. Being Young is their first CD.They released their first CD album "Being Young" in early 1995, produced by Arvid Lind of Popsicle, and it got great reviews from most of the Swedish press, "A Swedish superdebut", "Smart and glimmering popmelodies", "A band with great potential", "Tasty popcandys".

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1. At The Brickhouse
2. I Don't Want To Be Like You
3. Rebecka
4. Happier Now
5. A Lifetime
6. Drive Him Insane
7. External Beauty
8. Wish You Were Talking
9. Not Sure
10. I Am The Warden
11. A Friend Called Maybe
12. Curly
13. Sorry She Is

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