Til Death Do Us Part - from Anemic
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'Every note is pure intensity. They just go off, the building shakes and they let the music break the rules'....METAL HAMMER

'Intoxicating melodies and anthemic choruses'.... KERRANG

'Somebody's fed these guys heaviness through an intravenous drip'....BIG CHEESE

''TIL DEATH DO US PART' comes blistering from the fires, forged and shaped into a piece of sheer rock brilliance.

The second album from ANEMIC the force that is 'TIL DEATH DO US PART' bears all the hallmarks of the harsh emotional bed of self questioning, loathing and regret from where it was born. High Maxims and tough stuff yes, but ANEMIC have come of age with this album and unshakingly toe the line commanding respect from doubters and delivering their all.

'TIL DEATH DO US PART' comes out in snarling, epic form with 'Forfeit', the pedal stays down and by the time we hit slow burn epic 'Stay Together' we're on full tilt.

'Never Healing' has a chorus to shake the foundations of any stadium and ANEMIC are definitely into their stride.

'Remember', 'How Does It Feel' and 'From This Day' take us into another dimension, hard and heavy enough to stop a train, 'TIL DEATH DO US PART' finishes business in a huge roar of sonic genius.

Anemic is:

Kevin Peters - vocals

Daniel Peters - guitars/ keyboards

Aharon Fletcher - drums

Andrew Parslow - bass

Til Death Do Us Part - from Anemic. Also check out Anemic's first CD, New Souvenir plus their latest A Combination For Disaster

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1. Forfeit
2. I Wish You Well
3. One Night Stand
4. Fade Away
5. Stay Together
6. Never Healing
7. The Bitter End
8. Remember
9. How Does It Feel
10. From This Day
11. Happy Anniversary
12. Forever