Nuclear Suitcase

This Providence, RI band plays an exuberant brand of no-frills melodic pop.The breakthrough CD from the marlowes with influences such as the Replacements, Matthew Sweet and Wilco, The Marlowes churn out short, quick blasts of good-time glory. Most of their tunes have an anthemic, sing-along quality that gives them a breezy, rootsy flavor.

Check out Sugarbursts and Thunderbolts, and Glue,Glittter and Shine also from The Marlowes.

Price - $13.00

Nuclear Suitcase - click for sample
Holding Pattern
Wrong Side of the Ceiling
Club Vertigo
Boxing Day
I Think It's Gonna Happen Tonight - click for sample
Half A Mind
Sweatin' Out The Stereo - click for sample
Fourth World Century
Bob Stinson's 115th Dream
Spell It Out
Pilgrim Soul
Baby's Got a Lot of Things On Her Mind - click for sample