Bowes & Morley - Mo's Barbecue

Imported from Italy

Destined to be of the freshest new records this year, Bowes & Morley's second album "Mo's Barbeque" ushers in an early taste of summer when it arrived.

An 11 song collection of sublime, soulful hooks, pure-pop melodies and the occasional outburst of classic 70's retro rock, "Mo's Barbeque" could only have been created by a singer and guitarist that intuitively understand each other's artistic strengths and appreciate all that's good about popular music.

Incredibly, Danny Bowes and Luke Morley first met at Haberdashers' Askes School in South London's New Cross in 1975 and they have worked together ever since. Almost from the start it was plain that Bowes had a voice to die for and Morley (as well as playing a mean guitar), was already well-versed in the ways of songwriting. The gifts of both have flourished over the past quarter of a century and "Mo's Barbeque" might just be the best album they've made to date (with the possible exception of their debut, 2002's "Moving Swiftly Along" of course). Without a doubt, it's their most diverse and radio-friendly release ever.

The seeds of the Bowes & Morley project were sown in 2000, when their other band Thunder decided to take a well earned rest after 10 years of solid touring. Japanese labels approached Danny Bowes, suggesting that it was time for him to make a solo album. Unbeknown to them, since 1996 Danny had been legally bound to make a record for the EMI UK. Fortunately EMI UK agreed to free Danny and he mentioned this opportunity to Luke. The result was that Morley (who'd already tested the post-Thunder waters with his own solo album, 'El Gringo Loco') threw his own hat into the ring, offering to write the songs and produce, but that felt wrong to Danny, so rather than a solo album, Bowes & Morley was born...

Luke says: "When writing for Bowes & Morley, all restraints and parameters fall away, I write without any preconceived ideas. For my own album I was writing for a vocalist of limited talent, but with the Bowes & Morley albums I'm able to incorporate all the soul influences that we'd both grown up with, as well as the rock ones." "It's very, very important for us to be able to wear our influences on our sleeves", Danny adds.

A touring line-up exists, comprising mostly of those who played on the records, but has changed twice already, B&M say this keeps the band flexible and fresh each time they tour. UK and Japanese shows for the first album ("Moving Swiftly Along") were extremely successful in 2002, and more beckon.


Price - $17.00


1. Desire
2. Living in The City
3. On a Day Like Today
4. Why Did You Do It
5. Since I Left Her
6. Come Together In The Morning
7. Waiting For The Sky to Fall
8. Illogical
9. How Could You?
10. That's Not Love
11. I Can't Stand The Rain

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