Burek V - imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Christian Sandell: Vocals, guitar, drums Burek V's Commodores section into one... Same musical taste as George Costanza in Seinfeld.

In daytime produces weird wooden sculptures and put them in subway stations.

Mats Grönmark: Vocals, guitar, pump organ Constantly mistaken for Tom Waits and Swedish soprano Håkan Hagegård. Hates music.

Håkan Svensson: Bass Burek V's indie-rock archivist. Have vinyl enough to drain the international oil-reserve.

Also check out Burek V's other CD - Make Up.

Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music


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1. Intro
2. Fa Fa Fa
3. Found Out
4. Heliocentricity
5. Too Happy Now
6. New Beginning
7. Amsterdam
8. Carry No Evil
9. Psychedelics
10. Two Strings
11. Yesterday's Parties
12. Cover Your Tracks
13. Singled Out Blues