Dancing on Sunday

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TRIKKIWIKKIT is made up of Michele McCandless and Brian McCandless from Delaware.

Michele’s music is all over the map…with ongoing journeys into faraway places, moods, attitudes, and rich java blends.Brian McCandless has penned all original 16 tracks on the Trikkiwikkit CD, and plays bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, and accordion

Hailing from Delaware, Michele plays a myriad of strings, woodwinds, and percussion - - mostly notably hurdy-gurdy, pennywhistle, and bodhran. She is a DJ at WVUD-FM 91.3 in Newark, DE ( balances dual career roles as a solar research physicist and a musician.

The Trikkiwikkit CD offers 16 tracks of original music played on rare, antique, and authentic instruments.

Trikkiwikkit's influences include Gypsy Jazz, Breton, Celtic, Swing, Rock-n-Roll, and Pop music with musicians/groups including John Jorgenson, Malicorne, Ad Vielle Que Pourra, CSNY, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Django Reinhart, The Jayhawks, Patrick Bouffard, Etta James, Arturo Sandoval, Emmy Lou Harris, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Rilo Kiley, Sarah McLaughlin, Loreena McKennit, and Kate Bush.Michele McCann is half of the duo Trikkiwikkit, and currently performs world music with both “Slyte of Hand” and “Mythica

TRIKKIWIKKIT: Dancing on Sunday
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1.Danse de la Fete Magique
2 Lochlannach
3 Dancing on Sunday/Broken Brawl
4 The Invitation
5 Les Mauvoisins/Bauerntanz/Devil in a Business Suit
6 Penumbra/Icicle Waltz
7 La Deese
8 Lost Month/Girl at the Fair
9 Ensalata Santeria
10 Brilander/O.E.G.
11 schottische a Pere Roussel/Schottische a Jacquet
12 Gypsy Suite
13 Marlborough Down/Glastonbury Gypsy|
14 A flower in winter/Rose in the Weeds
| 15 The Shepherd's Call
16 Pierre the Goat/Le Mouton Blesse/Happy Flock