My Orchard - Grebo

Imported from Sweden!

My Orchard is from Sweden and is comprised of four musicians who breathe new life into power pop.


1. sunsets and skateboards 2. alone to decide
3. floating daze 4.on + off 5. setting the sun
6. vcr 7. the oasis 8. inspiring beat 9. radio
10. goodnight 11. inside 12. calm sound

produced by j. lohengrin cremonese

Johan Sigerud vocals, guitar, bass - loves to watch things, hear stuff, camilla and lou barlow.
Lives in gamla råsunda, solna/stockholm, sweden.
Favourite my Orchard-song right now: a list of things (on the Silhouettes mini album)

Jenny Sjöström vocals, piano, synthetics, percussion - Loves forests, potato-chips, solitude and people.
Lives in rissne, sundbyberg/stockholm, sweden.
Favourite my Orchard-song right now: velcro

Jon Lindroth drums, synthetics, vocals - Loves to paint, drink red wine, discussions and lali puna.
Lives in aspudden, stockholm, sweden.
Favourite my Orchard-song right now: gone (on the Silhouettes mini album)

Tobias Lundberg vocals, bass, synthetics- Loves old synthesizers, stina, indian food and r.e.m.
Lives in sandsborg, stockholm, sweden.
Favourite my Orchard-song right now: natural instinct (on the Silhouettes mini album)

Price- $16.00

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1. Sunsets and Skateboards
2. Alone To Decide
3. Floating Daze
4. On + Off
5. Setting The Sun
6. VCR
7. The Oasis
8. Inspiring Beat
9. Radio
10. Good Night
11. Inside
12. Calm Sound