I Am The door

I|AM|THE|DOOR are a band defying stereotypes through a rare honesty and an intelligent and sensitive use of musical talent and expression. They have now developed their own unique sound which does not allow them to be easily generalized.

With a strong development strategy in place and an abundance of determination and excellent musicianship, I|AM|THE|DOOR have grown in every way. The intensive work they have undertaken in the last year has produced a band that can stand up to anything thrown at them. And their commitment to their art argues a continual and infinite maturing in both style and depth, whipping up a storm in the name of musical progress. From ballads to punk anthems, the band refuses self-imposed boundaries.

Attempts at that terrible human affliction of pigeon-holing have led to I|AM|THE|DOOR being given various labels, most of which include the words punk and emo. However, on listening to their ever-expanding catalogue of music, it is apparent that there is a lot more to this band than labels. Each member brings to the band a musical perspective of his own, and they combine to create a perfect fusion of the elements of punk, jazz, dance, metal, rock and pop.

Their first demo (Shine Through) was submitted to Radio 1s OneMusic Unsigned in the summer of 2004 and reached number 3 in the chart. With generous industry tracking and a host of high quality support slots (Keiko (tour), Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, The Zico Chain, Battle, My Lumineries, Fortune Drive) the future seems to hold promise. There is an unlimited scope as to where the band will be in the future.

This record was recorded over the course of 2 years, and displays the variation and depth to I|AM|THE|DOOR’s unique sound.

Price- $17.00


1. Why We Disappeared
2. Where Do You Want To Be?
3. Shine Through
4. Does It Mean Something?
5. Tomorrow Belongs To Us
6. Good To Cry
7. You Are
8. Something Beautiful
9. Make Yourself Strong